Seraphim Trio

Seraphim Trio

Seraphim Trio is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most refined and experienced trios and is praised by critics for its ‘absolute sonic cohesion and uniform musical maturity’.  

In 2014, Anna Goldsworthy (piano) Helen Ayres (violin) and Timothy Nankervis (cello) celebrate 20 years together.  Read reviews, buy CDs, book tickets and view Seraphim's performance schedule on this website.

Three reasons to celebrate with Beethoven 
Vivienne Whinther, Dubbo Weekender, 20 Feb 2015

"Something must be very right in the Seraphim Trio..."

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Seraphim Trio feeds the soul at the annual St John’s Feast
Elizabeth Silsbury, The Advertiser, 11 Feb 2015

"St Johns overflowed for Seraphim. Extra chairs were hastily added."

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    Review Quotes from 2014 and earlier could not fault the poised Allegretto [of Dvorak’s Piano Trio no. 3 in F minor] and a masterful account of the work’s glory, its Poco adagio elegy.
    — The Age review of 'Fairy Tales' August 2014
    The final work was Piano Trio No.3 in F minor, Op.66 by Dvorak, comfortably within the repertoire and accomplishment of this ensemble. But where Seraphim really takes wings is in its championing of new or re-imagined works, such as we heard on this enchanted evening.
    — Classic Melbourne review of 'Fairy Tales' August 2014
    The interplay between the three instruments became an intimate conversation between three close friends, with Helen Ayres’ violin matching Tim Nankervis’ cello to great effect and Goldsworthy an involved participant.

    The sense of joy in music making is a hallmark of Seraphim Trio’s playing and it was plain that they relished every note of their accomplished reading of the Brahms’ trio.
    — Classic Melbourne review of Last Words, March 2014
    As a group of highly accomplished musicians renowned for their spirit of adventure, Seraphim Trio was an obvious choice for collaboration on this project [Andrew Ford’s ‘Last Words’]....
    — Classic Melbourne review of Last Words, March 2014
    Seraphim Trio reaches a rare milestone [in 2014], celebrating 20 years with only one, early, personnel change along the way. The sustained nature of this musical ménage-a-trois reveals itself in the ensemble’s absolute sonic cohesion and uniform musical maturity. Indeed, this performance proved a masterclass in chamber music technique and ensemble.
    — The Australian, May 2013
    It’s important to acknowledge technical achievement but this performance was about so much more. The Seraphims delivered Beethoven’s music with empathy, not just for the composer’s intention, but also for each other’s contribution to the work.
    — Arts Hub, September 2013
    One of the pleasing aspects of this ensemble is the apparent lack of ego among its members, who provide sympathetic accompaniment and the necessary space to enhance each other’s solo lines.
    — The Age, September 2012
    The Seraphims are a wholly polished outfit, comfortable as an ensemble after years of playing together.
    — The Advertiser, September 2012
    As it happens, the Seraphim Trio played my little piece superbly and I heard it with new ears... The Seraphim Trio had revealed my piece to me. The fast, scurrying passages had flashed brilliantly by; pauses had been longer, more pregnant, the dark sonorities richer-hued and mellower
    — Andrew Ford, Inside Story, October 2012
    Unusual beauty and radiance...a sparkly performance full of graciousness, bonhomie and entertainingly witty melodrama.
    — The Australian, October 2011
    The musical integration, mutual understanding and familiarity which can emerge after years of playing and performing together...An evening of distinguished music-making.
    — The Hobart Mercury, July 2011
    Presented with sensitivity and gusto....the Seraphim Trio provided passionate advocacy with warm and expressive playing.
    — The Hobart Mercury, May 2010
    A performance of potent precision and intensity.The Advertiser, April 2010
    — The Advertiser, April 2010
    Without doubt one of Australia’s most impressive small ensembles, technically and musically. Combine this with levels of experience and sustained collaboration almost unique in Australia’s youthful landscape of professional classical trios and quartets, and the future looks bright indeed.
    — The Australian, December 2009
    A spirited, robust performance...astounding music making
    — The Hobart Mercury, August 2009
    Exquisite phrasing and warm, true harmonies...a soulful and stylish performance
    — The Sydney Morning Herald, September 2008
    In a superb performance, wonderfully sustained and engaging, the Seraphim Trio projected its collaborative delight to memorable effect.
    — The Advertiser, May 2008
    The Seraphim Trio are well on the way to establishing their place as the nation’s leading piano trio.
    — Raymond Chapman Smith, July 2007
    If you’re able to take in any of this ensemble’s concerts, do! This was chamber music making of the top rank...absolutely top notch musicians, individually and as an ensemble. One of the best chamber music concerts I’ve been to for a long while.
    — Graham Abbott, July 2007
    The Seraphim Trio was on top form and brought those priceless assets of complete clarity and absolute assurance in interpretation to the two major works in their program... Indeed, it comes as a surprise that such comparatively youthful players can have been playing together for 10 years, but it certainly shows in the keen empathy and rapport permeating everything they do.
    — The Advertiser, February 2005
    The group is now a mature one, despite the members’ youth, and their performance and assurance through draining passages show a professional sophistication of interpretation...For a good measure of the ensemble’s abilities, it was hard to go past their fine work in the Mozart trio’s central Larghetto...this movement made an engrossing experience: an ideal merging of elegant technique.
    — The Age, February 2005
    In the Schubert Piano Quintet in A, the Trout, the central performers - piano, violin and cello - was the Seraphim Trio... they accounted for this optimistic, unfailingly inventive masterpiece with an attractive blend of insistence and controlled languor.
    — The Age, September 2003
    They are players of exceptional poise and intelligence... Superb was the word.
    — The Adelaide Review, September 2001
    The Seraphim Trio’s Anna Goldsworthy, Helen Ayres and Tim Nankervis are excellent musicians. Their sparkling performance of Beethoven’s first piano trio left that in no doubt.
    — The Advertiser, August 2001
    The group’s account of the piece was wholly persuasive: but their account of the Brahms was much more than this - passionate, technically secure, well balanced and always alert to the shirting emotions and rhythms, with a firm understanding of the music’s argument and its spacious yet never rambling structure... Give me the commitment and the whole-heartedness of their approach any day.
    — The Adelaide Review, June 2000
    An exhilarating, impressively assured performance.
    — The Advertiser, December 1999